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Add the perfect finishing touch to your jewelry with our high-quality clasps and findings!

jewelry clasps
jewelry clasps jewelry clasps jewelry clasps


Jewelry clasps and findings are essential components of any piece of jewelry. They provide the structure and support for the design, and can also be used to add a decorative touch.

Lobster claw clasps are one of the most popular types of clasps used in jewelry making. They consist of two pieces, a loop and a hook, which fit together to form a secure closure. The loop is usually made of metal, while the hook is usually made of plastic or rubber. The size of the clasp can vary, depending on the size of the jewelry piece. Lobster claw clasps are often used for necklaces and bracelets, as they provide a secure closure that is easy to open and close.

Our high-quality brass jewelry clasps findings come in a variety of finishes—rhodium/silver plated, gunmetal, and gold plated—to suit any design.


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