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Natural Deer Antlers

Natural Deer Antlers, They are all individually beautiful and each one is unique.
These are genuine antlers and were naturally shed. Deer antlers are their most unique characteristic, and there’s so much to tell about them! For example, did you know that they are the fastest-growing mammal bones and the only mammalian organs that can grow back once lost from the pedicle (the base from which they grow)? If we’ve made you curious enough, keep reading to learn more absolutely incredible facts about deer antlers!
Deer possess antlers; it’s true – but not all deer! Only male deer grow antlers. However, this is valid for all species except for reindeer females. They are the only females in the deer family to grow antlers.
They vary in size and color. The antlers pictured are for reference only and I cannot promise you will receive the exact antler. Other components pictured are not included but can be purchased in my shop. For ideas only.


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